what comes after oil?

„The Nürnberg Hot Spots Office is a participatory art project as a temporary use of the abandoned gas station at the former Quelle Adam-Klein-Street/ Mendelstreet, Nürnberg. This intervention is embedded in the international art project and focuses on and asks the question „What comes after oil?“

The site has both an inside and outside space. The HOT SPOTS design (and related work) comprises the site towards the urban quarter and makes it recognizable as re-organized and alternatively used site in contrast to its former purpose. The available interior will be used as an office, workshop, and showroom. Each work „What comes after oil?“ will be presented at the office and will be open to the public through the opening hours.

The description of this HOT SPOT is focusing on our use of city space, our living space and the question of how we deal with our resources, i.e., our living context. A variety of presentations/ work are planned in which artists are asked to participate.“


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